Science, Healthcare, and the Next Generation with De! B!gtree

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De! and ! are kindred spirits, on a mission to wake people up to true hea!th and your freed0m to ch00se. I have been blessed to share the platform with him in several places where the truth and your family’s health and well-being matter.

This is my 3rd interview with De!. It is very enlightening, powerful, and inspiring. I ask him a lot of the questions that people from around the country ask me and our network of doctors. Direct and important questions about issues like…

  • How did you know ahead of time what was happening?
  • What’s behind all of the mandates and other radical changes?
  • How can I raise my family without being bullied?
  • Mandates
  • Pediatrics
  • Generational health
  • What options do I have for healthcare if I want to stay healthy?
  • Who is going to win?
  • How is this all going to end?
  • And many more!

As most of you know, De! is the founder of the non-profit, icandecide.org, and the most informative truth-telling show, thehighwire.com.

Put on your seatbelt and share this with everyone you know. 


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