Habit Patterns That Optimize Your Energy

Great habits lead to a great life. If you are ready to optimize your energy and reconnect with your best self right now, this is the episode for you.

We will discuss, in-depth, the 5 Dominant Energy Patterns (DEP) and how to create your own, personal Human Potential Pattern. Which DEP are you in right now…

  • Destructive Pattern
  • Survival Pattern
  • Complacency Pattern
  • Comfort Pattern
  • Human Potential Pattern

If you or someone you know is in a Destructive Energy Pattern, they are probably addicted to something like sugar, alcohol, prescription or non-prescription drugs, negativity, crisis, spending, gambling or something else. This message can break them through or give you the insights to break through its effect on you.

Do you want to thrive and not just survive? Are you ready to go from laziness or boredom to your Next Big Thing? Do you know deep down you are capable of more?

Let this inspiring podcast empower you to let high energy human potential become your personal, natural state. Every listener will hear the same words but will hear this message in a way that speaks to them and their Innate goals and dreams.

Enjoy this message. It can put you on the path to your sensational century!

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