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Dr. Eric Plasker delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes to drive breakthrough performance through personal and cultural change. His unique experiences and relevant messages provide the perfect balance of energy, engagement, entertainment and transformational results.

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Max's Story - Life University 2019

Dr. Eric Plasker at Walton High School

Life University - Lasting Purpose Award 2018

A Country With No Organic Food or Pharmacies?

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"Food that contain Omega-3's and antioxidants prime your body to fight colds. Avoid too much sugar, soda, high fructose foods and sugary snacks, which weaken the immune system and are linked to obesity, diabetes and heart disease."
- Dr. Eric Plasker

"August is the ideal month to complete a raw-food detox plan since supermarkets are overflowing with what you need to succeed: a huge variety of delicious fruit and vegetables."

- Dr Eric Plasker

"The old rule about drinking 8 glasses of water a day may seem outdated, but thirstiness can often lead to drowsiness. When our cells perform daily functions, they leave behind waste products in the blood stream that can drag us down."
- Dr Eric Plasker

"Thank you again for your participation at our NAPFA New Perspectives Conference. We have received extremely favorable feedback from attendees including the quality, education and interest in the topics you presented"
- The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

“The National Academy of Sports Medicine applauds The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout and its balanced approach to training… can benefit everyone, regardless of their age or fitness level.”

-Dr. Michael A. Clark, DPT, MS, PT, CES, PES Chief Executive Officer, National Academy of Sports Medicine

"Dr. Plasker has been a key member if my health team. Now, with The 100 Year Lifestyle, he can become a key member of yours... Make these Life-Changing Principles a part of your life"

- Usher / 8-time Grammy Award Winning Entertainer

"since 1936, I have always advocated maintaining regular physical exercise programs tailored to each individual's specific needs. I reviewed The 100 Year lifestyle Workout and applaud this plan as one way to get in the best shape of your life, regardless of your age"
- Jack Lalanne, Fitness Legend

“Dr. Plasker has earned a “Gold Medal” with this book. These principles helped me win two Olympic medals and are being used by many Olympians from several different nations. The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout will transform your life.”
- Dr. Terry Schroeder, Two-Time Olympic Silver Medal Winner and Olympic Coach

”Dr. Plasker’s principles exercise more than five million people a week, and it works!”
- Phillip Mills, Founder of BodyPump, CEO of Les Mills
- Jackie Mills, MD, Co-author of Fighting Globesity

John C. Maxwell

sometimes you win sometimes you learn

“I love the way chiropractor and author Eric Plasker looks at our choices in a piece called “I Choose My Life.” You may be tempted to speed through the lines that follow, but please don’t. There is insight to be gained in many of the choices Plasker puts together.” 

American Fitness

Keeping Students Safe

“Dr Plasker is on a mission to put an end to those injuries. In his latest book “100 Year Lifestyle Workout Book,” Dr Plasker recommends: drinking plenty of water, staying hydrated, paying attention to your surroundings, wearing the proper attire, and making your posture a priority.”


Dr. Plasker blends powerful stage presence and spot on actionable knowledge to help teams, leaders and individuals not only embrace change but also thrive through it.

Dr. Plasker’s talks combine engaging stories, audience interaction, cool visuals and powerful techniques that push attendees to completely shift the way they motivate themselves and others toward and through change.

Your attendees will:

  • Master the art and tools of leading themselves and others through change
  • Unlock exceptional leadership capabilities
  • Fuel motivation of themselves and others through change
  • Boost performance of themselves and others in a rapidly changing world

Health, Wellness and confidence in your innate intelligence and Life expectancy potential

Dr. Plasker will empower you with an understanding of your body's innate intelligence, give you confidence in your ability to adapt and get you excited about your longevity potential.

Dr. Plasker’s talks combine engaging stories, audience interaction, gorgeous visuals and powerful techniques that push attendees to completely transform the way they motivate themselves and others toward and through change.

Your attendees will:

  • Learn to trust themselves on a new level
  • Unlock their innate talents and abilities with confidence
  • Become healthier people
  • Raise healthier families
  • Contribute more to their communities and the environment

About Dr Eric Plasker

Dr. Plasker is a 1985 graduate of Life University and has been a practicing chiropractor for over 30 years. He and his team have helped tens of thousands of patients from all over the world improve their health and quality of life through the chiropractic care and 100 Year Lifestyle information provided at Plasker Chiropractic.

Dr. Plasker is the international bestselling author of The 100 Year Lifestyle, The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout and The 100 Year Lifestyle Second Edition. His books have been translated into multiple languages and he has been featured on several media, corporate and health care platforms worldwide.

Dr. Plasker believes that “everyone deserves to be healthy from the time they are born through their last breath of life. This includes you!” We look forward to working with you and your family to help you reach your health goals and live your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle.

Dr. Eric Plasker

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