Reviews & Celebrity Endorsements

“Dr. Plasker has been a key member of my health care team. Now, with The 100 Year Lifestyle, he can become a key member of yours…make these Life-Changing Principles a part of your life.”

Usher, 8-time Grammy Award-Winning Entertainer

“The 100 Year Lifestyle principles kept my ESS in shape for eleven NFL seasons and today still keep me in the best shape of my life. You will love it.”

Roger Craig, Three-Time Super Bowl Champion

“In my journey to re-establish my own health after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, The 100 Year Lifestyle principles helped me get my health back, and inspired me to help others to make changes in their lifestyle, including Chiropractic care, so that they could live their best life every day!”

Dr. Amber Eckel

“The National Academy of Sports Medicine applauds The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout and its balanced approach to training…[which] can benefit everyone, regardless of their age or fitness level.”

Dr. Michael Clark, DPT, MS, PT, CES, PES, Chief Executive Officer, National Academy of Sports Medicine

“Dr. Plasker has earned a ‘Gold Medal’ with this book. These principles helped me to win two Olympic medals and are being used by many Olympians from many different nations. The 100 Year Lifestyle Workout will transform your life.”

Dr. Terry Schroeder, Two-time Olympic Silver Medal Winner and Olympic Coach

“I applaud the guidelines set forth in Dr. Plasker’s book, The 100 Year Lifestyle. Since 1936, I have always advocated maintaining regular physical exercise programs tailored to each individual’s specific needs….Get in the best shape of your life, regardless of your age.”

Jack LaLanne

“The 100 Year Lifestyle has been a life-changing catalyst for me to lose 375 pounds and find the life I never knew I could have.”

Terry Chaney, Chiropractic Assistant

“We use Dr. Plasker’s principles to exercise more than five million people a week, and it works!”

Phillip Mills (creator of BodyPump and CEO of Les Mils) and Jackie Mills, MD, coauthors of Fighting Globesity

“Dr. Plasker’s innovative 100 Year Lifestyle Fitness Assessment on getting your ESS in Shape – your endurance, strength, and structure – will help you add years to your life and quality of life to your years.”

Scott Goudeseune, President, American Council on Exercise

“The 100 Year Lifestyle is the plan of action for you to turn your health care and life paradigm around. Life University is proud to be associated with this profound concept and movement.”

Guy Riekeman, DC and President, Life University

“Dr. Plasker’s principles make living to 100 exciting, rather than frightening. You will benefit from these life changing health, relationship, and financial principles today, tomorrow, and every day for the rest of your life.”

Ivan Misner, Ph.D., founder of BNI and New York Times bestselling author

“If you want to live the long, healthy, quality life you deserve, you must read my friend Dr. Eric’s new book.”

Mark Victor Hansen, Bestselling Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Dr. Plasker has committed many years to developing health and wellness programs for communities around the country. His book reflects this same commitment and will help you improve the quality of your life.”

Stedman Graham, founder of Athletes Against Drugs

“Dr. Plasker’s care and The 100 Year Lifestyle concepts have helped me greatly improve my competitiveness and I am certain will ultimately extend my athletic career. I have always put a great deal of stress on my spine and skeletal structure, especially while training for the world record modified bench press, and with the help of Dr. Plasker’s care I was able to set the World Record of 360 pounds. You need this in your life!”

Kyle Maynard, world record holder and bestselling author of No Excuses

“People spend their entire lives striving for health and wealth. The 100 Year Lifestyle shows you how to have it now and sustain it for a lifetime. This book will make you healthy, wealthy and wise."

Garrett Gunderson, NY Times Bestselling Author, Killing Sacred Cows

“The 100 Year Lifestyle principles are right on. Dr. Plasker defines a new health care and lifestyle model for you and your family to live by, and it is good for the world. I taught it in New Zealand for years and will continue to share this important message with individuals and leaders here in the States. The 100 Year Lifestyle is an idea whose time has come.”

Dr. Brian Kelly, President, Life Chiropractic College West

"So if you haven’t read Dr. Plasker’s first book then all I can say is you missed out and there is never a better time to get up to speed on what living The 100 Year Lifestyle is all about. I personally have found that Dr. Plasker’s insights are practical and as a health professional they are the GOLD standard for helping others take back their health and life. As the President of the California Chiropractic Association it is my mission to get information that can support health to our patients in every office and this latest book will be the vehicle I will use to help assist in turning America’s health crisis around.”

Dr. Matt Hubbard, President California Chiropractic Association

“A true visionary, Dr. Plasker's The 100 Year Lifestyle enlightens us on how to achieve our greatest human potential. The ONE Concept Community embraces and lives this vision. It is time for us all to do the same. Let this vision guide you to the healthy, happy, fulfilling life you deserve.”

Monica Pasinato-Forchielli B.Comm, RMT, founder & Chief Visionary Officer ONE Concept

“Health Care is in need of an overhaul and there are so many people who need to adjust their lifestyle. In The 100 Year Lifestyle, Dr. Plasker provides an Innate philosophy and strategy that every man, woman, and child, can live by to optimize their health and function at their full God given potential.”

Dr. Edwin Cordero, President, Sherman College of Chiropractic

"I have known Dr. Plasker for more than 15 years as a teacher, mentor and friend. He is a master communicator and his books make it so easy for his readers to take action, make changes and live the life they were meant to live. This book is not only a game changer, it is a life changer!"

Dr. Brian Stenzler, President California Chiropractic Association

“The 100 Year Lifestyle transcends the typical and often confusing world of prevention and wellness, by inspiring the reader to find their personal "why" as it relates to their life goals, and then gives them the simple, yet profound tools for creating a lifestyle that maximizes their potential...physically, mentally, spiritually, socially and financially.”

John Bueler, Jr., DC

“Dr. Plasker has given the world an incredible message. This creates a tremendous opportunity and responsibility for health care providers to help people realize their potential rather than wait for a crisis. For our culture, this can transform the health of humanity. The 100 Year Lifestyle is more than a book; it is a mindset and attitude that can help you feel great every day on your way to 100 years and beyond!”

Dr. Dennis R. Buckley, Author The Hole In Your Diploma

“The 100 Year Lifestyle 2nd Edition has captured some of the most relevant and important information regarding something that affects us all…longevity. Living a long life is one thing. Living a long, quality life is something completely different. The valuable information contained in this book has transformed our practice and the community we serve. This is a must read for all who look forward to living a long and vibrant life.”

Dr. Jack Bourla

“Through our practice and online women’s community, Educated Pregnancy, we have been empowering millions of families with the tools they need to make healthy lifestyle choices. By sharing The 100 Year Lifestyle, we are able to effectively reach more people on a grander scale to truly impact the lives of generations to come.”

Dr. Cathy Wendland-Colby and Dr. Norm Colby

“Since its first publication, The 100 Year Lifestyle has become "the text book" for living life to the fullest. I have seen the principles and concepts in this book literally change the lives of thousands of people in our community. This book is a "life changer" for anyone, at any age, who is interested in living their full expression of life.”

Dr. David Moore, Chiropractor and author of The Chiropractic Evolution

“The 100 Year Lifestyle will teach you, in very simple and practical ways, to express your full potential and experience the power of self-healing for a lifetime.”

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, bestselling author The Power of Self-Healing

“Many have put out information on healthy living but Dr. Plasker is the first to put it all together with the multiple components necessary to assure good health and a meaningful life from birth into very advanced age. His book should be required reading for anyone who wants to be active and vital and stay that way for life. We share The 100 Year Lifestyle with our patients and community and it is making a huge impact.”

Michael S. McLean, DC, FICA

"Few doctors in the world exhibit the passion and purpose of Dr. Eric Plasker to make a real difference in the quality of people's lives and the world. In his new book the "change master" will share with you strategies and lifestyle choices that will allow you to better express your innate potential. Dr. Plasker will inspire you with this uncommonly common sense plan to regain your life and set you on track to living full out. Jump on board The 100 Year Lifestyle train and leave the unsustainable, reactionary, disease care model of crazy town behind once and for all. Welcome to the brave new world of optimized living!

Liam P. Schubel, DC

“I have known Dr. Plasker for 30 years and have found him to be a principled man, husband, father and chiropractor who is committed to changing the world one person and community at a time. Through The 100 Year Lifestyle 2nd Edition, he delivers an Innate philosophy that is simple and easy for people to understand. Practice and live these principles, and you are sure to live up to your Innate potential throughout your lifetime.” !

DD Humber, DC FICA, Past President International Chiropractors Association