Life Changing Assessments

The 100YL Assessment

Are you on the path to a sensational century or a deteriorating future? Answer these questions and add up your score. Share your results with family and friends!

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Calculate Your Minimum Potential Years Remaining Right Now. List changes that will improve your life now and over the long haul. Then make them!

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Energy Inventory

Do you want to feel younger in 30 days than you do today? Apply this personal energy inventory. Become a more energetic, healthier New You.

Personal Energy Inventory

Core Test

When your core is fit and strong your body will be more stable. If you are physically fit or not, this test will test you. How stable is your core? Find out now with this 2 ˝ minute test!

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Posture Test

Poor posture is a sign of premature aging. How’s Yours? Check yours now and perform this test on your family and friends.

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