If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

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Why Posture Matters

Did you know that your posture today can determine your future success in business, your day-to-day energy levels, and how fast you age? Over the

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Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnancy, Posture & Fitness

Every pregnant woman wants to bring a healthy and vibrant child into this world. Making healthy choices during pregnancy is a critical component to handling

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Living to 100

Love of Dance

There are many who say that a life without ballet would be pointe-less. All humor aside, ballet dancing is a great art form with numerous

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Performance 100

What’s Your GAP?

Your General Adaptive Potential (GAP) is how much capacity you have to live your life.  This means how fast you can run, how hard you

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100 Year Lifestyle Essentials

Increase Your Personal Energy

You can have youthful energy at any age, starting right now, if you are willing to take this Personal Energy Inventory and make some changes.

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Change Your Life

Becoming a Least Vulnerable Person

Becoming A “Least Vulnerable Person” There is growing concern about COVID-19, the flu, and other infectious diseases affecting the most vulnerable people. Who are these

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