If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life today?

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Change Your Life

Changing The Movie of YOU

If you watched yourself like you were watching a movie of you, would you like what you were watching? Are you angry or happy? Productive

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Mindfulness 100

What is Positive Thinking?

No doubt you’ve heard us at The 100 Year Lifestyle, and many other authors and health and wellness experts, talk about the power of positive

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Family 100

Blending Family Circles

    Restructured families, whether remarriages or second families, are becoming the norm. However, they tend to take shape with a lot of emotional baggage.

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suicide medicine

Suicide In The Medicine Chest

Suicide is in the news and in more medicine chests than ever. Sadly celebrities, veterans, and ordinary people are taking their own lives at an

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Assessments and Surveys

I Choose My Life

  I wrote this poem, “I Choose My Life,” at a time when I was in a difficult situation and couldn’t see any options. I

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